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Friday, 11 May 2007

Communication sensation

This week, BGEN (Botanic Gardens Education Network - the UK network), sent out its first electronic newsletter, providing news, resources, details of events and general useful tidbits to its members. I know this because I put it together! Hopefully it will act as a good marketing tool to attract members to events and build a stronger community of educators in botanic gardens in the UK. For a sneaky peak, have a look at it on the BGEN website.

Not to be outdone, BGCI is also in the final stages of preparing its first international e-newsletter ' Education e-update'. This is being compiled by Brian Johnson, who used to be education officer in BGCI's US office and is now over in the UK working on a fabulous sounding PhD investigating the impact of environmental exposure on leadership in conservation. Anyway, it will be sent out to various BGCI networks very soon. As with nay newsletter, it can only be as good as its content - which means that our members have to get involved! So, if you have any ideas, stories, news or gossip (OK, maybe not gossip, we don't want any libel cases) do send them in to us -

This week I went to a training day on developing packs for family-led activities. I'm writing up the outcomes now and will make them available on the BGCI website soon. Talking of the website, it is now chock-a-block with articles from past issues of Roots, a rejuvenated resources section, links, websites, and how-to guides. Have a look for the improvements!

As always, comments and suggestions welcome. Have a great weekend

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