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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

how are we doing?

Last year, BGCI members were asked for their opinions on some of our materials and resources that we produce. Obviously we are a member organisation, so everything we do pretty much is for our members, whether practical assistance, training, resources or advocacy. Because of this, it is important we ask for your feedback to make sure we are doing the right things! of course, this is also the basis for evaluation - which there is plenty of info about on the BGCI website.

Anyway, the feedback from the study has been analysed and a report written, and we are working on the various ways to respond to everyone's ideas.

If you have more ideas and feedback for us - whether on Roots or Cuttings, or the education website, do let us know. We've also got some new ideas - what do you think about them?

  • We are thinking about developing an education email group (list serve) for botanic garden educators around the globe. Would you be interested in joining?
  • Another idea we have is to develop an on-line distance learning course on botanic garden education. Is this something you would find valuable to participate in?
Do you have any other suggestions for programmes that would be useful for BGCI to do?

We want to know what you think and what you would find helpful / useful / interesting for BGCI to provide! Drop us a line, or post a comment on the blog!

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