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Saturday, 12 January 2008

PlantsCafe - open for business!

A fantastic new resource, desgiend specifically for botanic garden educators, has been launched on-line. The PlantsCafe is part of the european Union funded Plant Scientists Investigate project. Four botnaic gardens, Natural Sceince museum garden in Trento, Italy, the University of Sofia botanic agrden in Bulgaria, Unvieristy of Innsbruck Botanic Garden in Austra and the royal Botanic garden in Kew have been workgn iwth teh Institue of Education in London to produce materisl to encourage teachersto ork with plants and brign their pupisl to botanic gardens.

Each fo the sites has produed a set of materials to use toexplore one of the four themes of the plant learngin curriculum produced

- experiments about plant growht

- plants as food

- plants and art

- conservation of plants

Each theme have up to 12 activiites, soem for useint eh classroom and some for use in teh garden, to explore the subject. The activities are descirbed in detail in free to download PDFs

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