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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Running and the environment

One of my New Years resolutions was to take up running again after doing some sort of damage to my knee. I duly decided to purchase some new trainers, a knee support and some dietary supplements for joints. So, off I went, to the shops to locate these products. Obviously, working for BGCI, I am concerned about the environment and try to minimise my ecological footprint as much as possible. There is still much for me to do on this - but I am being inspired by some friends who have started a 100-mile diet

Anyway, dietary supplement for joint. In browsing the shelves of the local chemists I noticed that many contained fish oils - i.e. cod liver oil. I gave up eating cod a few years ago (I can't help but feel that environmentally speaking, it is akin to eating rhino or panda), and so see no reason why I should support the cod industry through a different supply route. Thus supplements are out of the window.

The new trainers situation of course is always potentially inflammatory - human rights abuses, carbon emissions of imports, economic crises brought on by purchase price and so on. I was relieved to discover New Balance trainers - made in England, and proud of it. Winners of the 2004 Queen's award for enterprise, they have been making trainers in the UK for 22 years. So far I have run about 30 miles in them, and they are jolly comfy - in fact I'm wearing them now. Plus they are a bit pink and shiny - always a bonus.

So, my conclusion is, so far, it is possible to add running to one of my low environmental impact activities - I run as part of my daily commute (by public transport for the rest of the way). In fact, knowing I need to go for a run definitely decreases the likelihood that (at 7.00 on a dark, cold, winter morning, while still under my duvet) I decide use my car to get to work instead - it's better all round.

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