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Friday, 2 February 2007

Wise words from Wangari

Things are hotting up in the office. We have an event next week at the rather gorgeous venue that is the Royal Geographical Society with the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Prof Wangari Maathai. We are all very excited about hearing the professor speak. She has a new book out, her autobiography, 'Unbowed' and has come to the UK for the launch. She kindly agreed to speak at a public lecture we have organised as she was unable to be a key note speaker at the education congress last September.

Professor Maathai is an amazing woman, she has worked in the conservation and environment field for many years, leading protests, setting up her NGO 'Green Belt Movement', working with communities, the poor, the oppressed, women's groups and so on, to create a better environment for all. Her work has brought her much acclaim and many accolades in recent years. I think her most powerful message is that one person, one individual, can make a difference to the world and to the environment around them. If we all adopted that attitude we could change the world over-night.

There are still tickets available to hear Prof Maathai speak - have a look on the BGCI website and join us next week
Thursday 8th February 2007
Royal Geographical Society
Doors open at 6.30 - lecture at 7.00

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