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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Quick couple of ideas and resources

We are lucky in that we receive all sorts of interesting resources and materials through the post from our members and colleagues in education sites around the world. A couple that have been sent through this season are...

The Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanic Garden in Istanbul, Turkey have been really busy with their education programmes and provision. They have a super colourful new leaflet about he activities on offer and a fabulous activity book for their younger visitors

Qui a sauve Beni le petit bonobo? - a beautifully illustrated children's book telling the story of the capture and rescue of Beni, a bonobo chimpanzee whose mother is a victim of the bushmeat trade in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Produced to support the ape sanctuary, Lola ya Bonobo (paradise for bonobos in Lingala, the language of Kinshasa) and funded by Awely, an international organisation working to reduce human-animal conflicts in South America, Asia and Africa. The book has also had support from Appenheul Zoo and WAZA.
ISBN 978-2-9528827-0-5

Chicago Botanic Garden's Autumn Bingo is a nice example of a simply-designed, bilingual, fun activity sheet for children visiting the garden. There are stickers attached to the back of each sheet for children to stick on the squares when they find the subjects.

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