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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy new year - got any resolutions? If not, this video could help!

Happy New Year and welcome back!

So, have you made any resolutions? Apart from usual (more exercise, less chocolate), I am trying to reduce my consumption. I started with some of the xmas pressies I bought ('experiences' like a trip to the cinema or going for afternoon tea, rather than manufactured goods, or alternative gifts such as mosquito nets or fluffy ducks through various developing country NGOs), but want to continue my 'dematerialisation' into the new year.

This is mostly inspired by Annie Leonard's 'Story of Stuff', a great video which explains, from a US perspective, some of the economic basis for environmental issues and the importance of the drive we all need to create towards sustainability. The video is 20 minutes, but packs a lot in, explaining the linear 'extraction - production - consumption -disposal' lifespan of our material goods. Some of the language is complex, but all the key terms are explained, and there is a comprehensive list of references included. The use of animated graphics really helps to bring the statistics to life and illustrate the problems.

The accompanying blog and comments are also very interesting, do check it out and share it with people - she is making some good points about the key issues and barriers to global conservation.

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